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About EFIS


European Foundation of Social Integration is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the promotion and integration of economic and social life in Poland.

The goal is primarily to improve implementation of programs, skills development and promotion of personnel of modern economy, the implementation of programs for social inclusion, making and support activities aimed at developing social and economic life in Poland.

EFIS works with a wide range of experts and trainers in various fields as well as institutional partners. Our management staff has extensive experience in implementing and managing projects supporting the development of human resources, as well as in the wider area of business management, sales, marketing and human resources.

The Foundation carries out its statutory objectives in a flexible and open. EFIS develops partnerships with organizations around the world, particularly in the European Union.

We believe that those for whom the opportunities are created, are able to successfully shape their own future and build their competitive advantage in their own environment. We rely on Partnership, Professionalism and High Quality cooperation.

Board of EFIS